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Dressed Bears

Buster 1 3/4 inch

What can I say about this little bear? He is adorable in his little red Ultrasuede overalls. Buster comes in a tan short napped fabric. The backing on this fabric is very tight making is easier to sew such a tiny beer.

Reg. Price: $12.00 Each

Charley Boy 3 inch

Charley Boy just steals my heart! The body style is a very old fashioned type. The skinny arms make it easier to make the jacket fit so nice. The fabric is short napped vintage rayon. The color varies from light honey to light gold. The hooded jacked is light blue and very easy to make.

Reg. Price: $16.00 Each

Little Brenda 1 3/4 inch

What a precious little gem! Little Brenda is made from a dusty pink semi-shiny fabric that has a very tight backing that makes it easier to sew a tiny bear. This particular fabric is a dream to sew. She is a slim bear. Her little cream colored coat is trimmed with dusty pink colored lace and pink bead buttons. Silk ribbon is included to adorn her sweet little head!

Reg. Price: $14.00 Each

Little Red Ted 3 inch

This little red bear is adorable in his tan pajamas! The pajamas are easy to sew and trim with white silk ribbon. The red fabric has a tan background. when completed, the bear looks vintage. The pattern for the bear is the same as kit Charley Boy, but so different when completed.

Reg. Price: $16.00 Each

Scooter 3 1/4 inch

If you like a long pile fabric, you will love this bear. Vintage fabric has a very long vintage pile and the resulting bear is superb. Scooter comes with checked cotton fabric to make his pants and suspenders. Little brass "buttons" are included for the pants. Black onyx beads are included for his eyes.

Reg. Price: $18.00 Each

Sweet Pea 2 1/2 inch

What a darling little bear! Sweet pea comes in a honey-golden medium pile fabric. She has a dress kit in pale yellow (extremely simple to construct). The lace collar and big blue silk ribbon bow on top of her head just set her apart!

Reg. Price: $15.00 Each

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