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Scrap Bag

Fabulous assortment of fabric scraps. Pieces are not too small. Some are long strips. Some pieces are large rectangles and squares. Odd shapes. Each package is different. All sorts of textures and colors. These are fabrics from the kits and fabric packages. I only sell fabrics that I use myself. First quality fabrics. These are only available occasionally. Once they are sold out I will remove the listing. When I have them available again I will post them here again.

Reg. Price: $50.00 Each


If you like the fabrics in my kits and want to make your own mini bears you might like to try my fabric package. There are 10 pieces of high quality miniature teddy bear fabrics.Each piece measures 7" X 5". The fabrics vary in pile length and color and are of the highest quality. I only sell what I use myself.

Reg. Price: $19.00 Each

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