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Chuckles 3 1/2"

What can I say about this laughing Panda? This open-mouth kit is the largest that I have available. He looks like he is about to speak to you. The fabric has a medium length pile in black and cream. A lovely iridescent blue-green wide ribbon is included for a ruff around the neck.

Reg. Price: $16.00 each.


Mr. Black Bear 2 3/4"

I like a bear with personality. Mister has personality plus! I especially like the contrasting tan face against the silky black fur. He has very slim arms and legs. A red Ultrasuede collar kit is included with tiny bronze beads to stitch on the collar.

Reg. Price: $13.00


Panda 2 1/8"

This Panda is nice and fat. The fabric in this kit is dense and has a medium length pile in black and white. Included in the kit is thin black suede-like fabric for the eye patches. This one makes a nice companion for your other miniature bears.

Regular price: $10 each.


Polar Bear 2"

This bear looks great with all the other Christmas holiday bears. Unlike the bear on all fours, this one has jointed legs. It can stand on all fours or on its hind legs. The fabric is shiny and silky.

Reg. Price: $10.00


Teeny Bear 1 1/4"

This one is not for a beginner! The fabric is short napped vintage rayon. The color is pale honey. Vintage rayon is very thin and very easy to sew. This kit does not have any paw pads to set in. A real challenge.....but so cute!

Regular Price $7.50 each.

Tiny White Bear 1 1/2"

This bear is not as difficult to make as you might think. you must take your time though. This kit does not have any paw pads to set in which is very nice on such a tiny bear! Bear is nice for a larger miniature bear to hold. This fabric has a shiny medium pile.

Regular Price $7.50 each.