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Big Fatso 2 5/8"

If you like fat bears, this one is for you. It has very fat and short arms and legs. The fabric has a long nap and is dense. Because of the size, it is a good bear to start out with. This kit comes with black onyx bead eyes. Color is cinnamon.

Reg. Price: $12.00 each.

Chubby Rose 2 3/4"  

This bear is nice and chubby. She isnít as fat as the other fatso bears. The fabric is very dense and non-shiny. The color is dusty rose. This kit comes with beautiful lace to tie around her neck. Also included in kit are black onyx bead eyes.

Reg. Price: $12.00 each.

Fatso Bear

This popular bear is like the other fatso bears; only he is 2" tall. The fabric has a medium-short nap. The color is gold. This one is a real charmer!

Reg. Price: $10.00 each.

Happy Jack 3 1/4"

This very chubby bear is a real cutie. His "fur" is honey gold. Happy Jack wears a red Ultrasuede jacket trimmed with a black bow and a little bronze ball. He has an open mouth, which gives him such expression.

Reg. Price: $16.00 each.


Little Goldie

Little Goldie is a real charmer! I think this one looks very familiar! The fabric is that great vintage rayon that is so easy to sew. Color is "Pooh" gold.

Reg. Price: $10.00 each.

Peach-A-Poo 2 1/8"

I think you will like this one especially. Everyone likes a Pooh type bear! One arm is curved. How cute! This one is similar in style, only it comes in a non-shiny peach color. The fabric is short napped and beautiful to work with.

Reg. Price: $10.00 each.

Tiny Fatso 1 1/2"

This fatso is just like the bear in kit H only much smaller. He is so fat and cute. Since the pieces are so chubby, he goes together with ease even though he is only 1 1/2" tall. The fabric is shiny and dense. Color is light brown.

Reg. Price: $10.00 each.


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