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Bonnie Bunny 2 3/4"

This bunny comes in a sable colored semi-shiny fabric. The fabric is a dream to sew! It has a very tight backing. her face has a set in white piece. She comes with a lilac colored hat kit (very easy to make) that includes ribbons and a feather.

Reg. Price $13.00 each.


Buttercream Bunny 4 1/2"

This is a great bunny for a beginner! Buttercream Bunny has cream colored medium length pile fabric. This fabric is very silky and shiny. The foot pads and the inside of the ears are a very soft pink fabric. Included is a pink checked silk ribbon to tie around the neck of your bunny.

Reg. Price: $15.00 each.


Lanky Bunny 2 1/4"

Very skinny arms, legs, and feet make this bunny unique. The ears are very long and lined in a soft pink fabric. The foot pads are also pink. This bunny has very long feet. The color of the bunny is grey. The fabric has a shiny medium-short pile. This bunny has personality!

Reg. Price: $10.00 each.

Tom Bunny 2 7/8"

This is my personal favorite bunny. He reminds me of the old German toy bunnies. Tomís "fur" has a medium length pile in a brownish-gold color. White "fur" is used on the face, chest, paws, tail, and feet. The ears are lined with a soft pink fabric. He wears blue cuffed ultra-suede short pants with red "buttons". The pants are very simple to make.

Reg. Price: $16.00 each.


White Rabbit 2 1/8"

This rabbit is a sweet one with wonderful sleek white fabric. The fabric has a medium length pile that is very silky. The body is a little fat and the ears are average length. The feet are a bit long. This kit does not have foot pads to set in which makes it a little easier to make.

Reg. Price: $10.00 each.



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