Miniature Teddy Bear kit
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Miniature Teddy Bear kit

Miniature Teddy Bear Kits

Miniature Teddy Bear kit (bunny)

Bunny Kits   

Miniature Teddy Bear kit (Cat)

         Cat Kits

SUPER SPECIAL OFFER!  Purchase 4 Individual Kits & Receive A Fabric Package FREE!  Does Not Include Kit Bundles or Half Price Kits.  All orders outside of the United States require an additional $6.00 shipping if you want to receive the free fabric package.  I am sorry about this, but the International postage rates went up drastically in January.


Hello…..and welcome to my website!  I have been crafting and creating things as long as I can remember…. sewing…. painting...... dressing antique dolls..... stringing beads….. making miniatures.  My first miniature bear was created in 1981.  In 1983 I launched a line of miniature teddy bear kits.  Eventually I added rabbits and cats to the line of kits.   I hope you will have endless hours of enjoyment stitching up these tiny pals……… guaranteed to become addictive!  Don’t be intimidated by the tiny size!  Stitching up these tiny wonders is not as difficult as you might think!   Have lots of fun, fun, fun! 

Miniature Teddy Bear Kits

I am so excited that my website is new and up to date!  For so long I have had the "working on new kits" announcement.  Yes, I have new kits, but I haven't launched them yet.  Soon!  I promise!  I have added a few kits to the site that have not been available here.  Right now I want to let you know that after all these years I must say goodbye to a few of the kits.  Mostly because I have used all of the fabrics for these particular kits.   I started this work over 30 years ago!  It is hard to keep the same fabrics after so long.  A few of the kits will go just because it's time to make some changes.  One kit in particular is just so much work to assemble.  These discontinued kits are HALF PRICE!  I have adjusted the prices on the site.   Here is the list:

Santa Bear - original price $15.00 - now $7.50

Roly Poly Bear - original price $10.00 - now $5.00

Button Betty - original price $15.00 - now $7.50

Elf Bear - original price $15.00 - now $7.50




Teddy Bear Kit

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